About Me

I'm a CSE graduate student at the University of Washington, doing research in NLP topics like argument mining. I graduated from Georgia Tech majoring in computer science, with specialties in threads related to artificial intelligence and information networks. I previously did collaborations with Microsoft Research on computer vision research involving generative models with human evaluation. I was a summer 2019 applied science intern at Bing Multimedia, where I worked on applying GANs to improve visual search, a summer 2020 quantatative trading intern at Citadel Securities, where I did work on backtesting market-making strategies on ADRs, and I was a summer 2021 applied science intern at Amazon, where I did causal inference modeling on loan APRs.

I love working in innovative environments, and I have a deep passion for technology. I enjoy learning new things and applying it through various projects. In my spare time, I'll either be making video games or expressing my musicality through activities like jazz trumpet or men's glee.

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